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How to refer friends?

1. Register and/or login

Take a moment and follow the simple registration process. Upon Registration, you will be entitled to earn commissions transferred directly to your PayPal account on each transaction of every single person you refer to Planetsouq for a period of one year (The period of one year begins from the day of registration of each of your referrals). Click here to see commission

2. Invite your friends

If you haven't registered using your PayPal email address, then you will be requested to link your PayPal account to Planetsouq inorder to receive direct transfer of commissions to your PayPal account. Subsequently, you will be automatically redirected to invite your friends via email. You may choose to enter as many email addresses as you wish.

3. Invite more friends

Inviting your friends does not have to be restricted to emails, you may invite via SMS, social networks, blogs, channels, groups, newsletters etc. The choice is yours.. You will be granted a unique hyperlink that you can share via any mode you choose, when a person clicks on this unique link and then registers on Planetsouq will automatically become your referral (i.e. a person you referred). Therefore, you have numerous opportunties to expand your commission earnings. The more you invite, the more commissions you may earn. So invite away and start earning commissions.

4.Your privacy

Your privacy protection is important to us, therefore we have taken measures to protect the privacy of our members. The one who refers will not be able to view the purchase details of his referral (i.e. the one who he/she referred) except for the username, date of purchase and purchase amount (used to derive commissions). Any other personal information about the referral including what was purchased, will be hidden from the one who reffered.

5. Your commissions

You can view all your commissions from the dashboard on 'My Account' ? 'My Referrals'

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